EUFEP – The European Forum for Evidence-based Health Promotion and Prevention – an international platform for best practice in evidence -based prevention programs

The goal of the EUFEP is to provide a platform for international experts to discuss and debate on the challenges of implementing and evaluating population-based prevention programs.


May 21st, 2019 - The date and focus of the EUFEP 2020 congress have been set

(Un)sound health information: detect, understand, decide

In this time of medical fake news, important questions arise: Which health information can still be trusted? Which representations of risks can be believed?

The 6th EUFEP Congress sheds light on how to recognize sound health information, what kind of damage is caused by medical misinformation, and whether there are ways to disenchant persistent myths. In addition, there will be a focus on risk communication.

International and national experts will report on different aspects of health information from their research projects. Best practice examples should illustrate where citizens can immerse themselves in evidence-based information and get information in an understandable language, all with the aim of developing the skills to critically question health claims.