EUFEP Congress 2009

European Forum for Evidence-Based Prevention

The term “evidence-based health promotion” was added to the WHO Glossary of Health Promotion in 1998 and is defined as “the use of information derived form formal research and systematic investigation to identify causes and contributing factors to health needs and the most effective health promotion actions to address these in given contexts and populations”. Population-based preventive programs are an integral part of health promotion; however they are often associated with considerable costs.

The issue of evidence for effectiveness and costeffectiveness of health promotion and population-based preventive health programs will be the central theme of a symposium that will take place in June 2009 in Baden, Austria.

This event, titled European Forum for Evidence-based Prevention [EUFEP], will be conducted in cooperation with the University of Vienna, the Danube University Krems, the Lower Austrian State Academy, the registered association “Gesundes Niederösterreich” and the initiative “Best Health” (Beste Gesundheit).