Program Overview

Cancer prevention - Missed opportunities or empty promises?

This year’s program focuses on cancer prevention. More than 3 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths every year make cancer the second-most frequent cause of mortality and morbidity in Europe. In Austria, about 36,000 people fall ill with cancer every year. Against this backdrop, cancer prevention is gaining in importance and has become a significant economic area within the medical sector. It is above all early cancer detection tests (cancer screening) that play a vital role in modern preventative medicine. From a scientific point of view, the benefits of cancer prevention are controversial. Studies prove that cancer prevention may sometimes do more harm than good.

In the 21st century, evidence-based cancer prevention is facing two challenges: on the one hand, measures clearly promising to reduce cancer risk are only accepted by a minority of the population – on the other hand, interventions leading to over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatments are advertised and carried out and do more harm than good.

This is why this year’s EUFEP program is all about cancer prevention and will deal with the question “Cancer Prevention – Missed Opportunities or Empty Promises?” Participants will have the opportunity to gain and/or expand their knowledge on evidence-based cancer prevention and will get an insight into country-specific and global approaches.

2011 EUFEP conference topics:

  • National and international strategies in the fight against cancer
  • Possibilities in cancer prevention
  • Benefits and harms of cancer screening
  • Evaluation of cancer prevention programs
  • Consumer information on cancer prevention and screenings
  • Health economic aspects of cancer prevention


The presentations will be held in German and/or English.

Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and discussions will be available.


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